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17th Century Baroque Country House – Dyrham Park

Our most local National Trust property (the 17th Century baroque house  and gardens – Dyrham  Park) has undergone some serious renovations over the last few years which have included repairing the roof, and carrying out important conservation work on many of the paintings and furnishings, as well as moving the rooms around to a more original style and layout. The result? A grand display of the wealth of design that would have been carefully curated during the 17th Century when the house was renovated by William Blathwayt after a large fire caused irreparable damage to much of the original.

The peaceful nature of this 17th Century house and gardens has a wonderful calming effect and is the perfect antidote to the everyday hustle and bustle that is life at the moment, juggling training, studying & work, whilst still trying to maintain a social life (definitely not complaining though!). I certainly enjoyed spending a few hours wandering around the rooms of this stunning house, and of course drinking coffee, with my mum. One of the things I love most about National Trust is the fact that every time you go, there is something new to look at, and this visit most definitely did not disappoint.


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