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Inside the new Society Café, Bristol Harbourside

This place makes me want to live in Bristol. Sitting right by Peros Bridge on the Harbourside, the little yellow tables in front of the cafe are the perfect place to sit and enjoy an incredible coffee with a view of the waterfront. Inside is just as good, with the space having been designed and made by Shape Studio Bristol – a brilliant place to work alone, or enjoy with friends.

A wide array of hot and cold drinks provides choices for even the most fussy customer, and attention to detail has not been spared, with even the drinks bottles being well-designed and a must-keep! The free ‘Society Café Newspapers’ on every table, as well as a well curated selection of art&design magazines and books, is a nice finishing touch to the overall feel. My favourite element is definitely the combination of floor to ceiling windows and the stunning arrangement of plants and lights hung from the walls and ceilings!


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