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Weekly Life Update: Sunday 3rd December

Another week gone and I cannot believe we’re in December already!! Exams are coming up so fast and I still have assignments due in that I haven’t yet finished. After reading “Weekend: 5 Favourite Podcasts on Creativity” (from the Cloistered Away blog written by Bethany Douglas) last Sunday evening, the week definitely started with a heavy focus on creativity. I immediately queued all 5 of the recommended podcasts to listen to as I walked to campus each day, and promptly began to listen.

On Tuesday afternoon, walking back from campus, I listened to Se. 1, Ep. 1: “Do What Ignites Your Soul” from Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s not one of the 5 favourite podcasts from the article I read, but it is now one of mine. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of two books; most well know for writing “Eat, Pray, Love”, she has also written “Big Magic”. Her style is cheerful and alive, and I love the set up and content of her podcasts. This episode in specific though was a real inspiration for me with my favourite quote from the whole hour being “Any procrastination is fear”. Those four words have inspired me and driven me all week and I believe they will continue to motivate me for years to come. I would definitely recommend listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” podcast series.

In terms of novels, I’m still reading Schindler’s Ark. Over the summer I get through a book every few days, but during term time, I rarely get through one in less than two weeks! Reading is normally what I do to relax but with so much work to do, and now that I have started running a lot more, I don’t get as much time to read so it appears to be taking a bit of a backseat. I’m hoping to work it into my routine a bit better next year though.

That’s about it, I haven’t really done much except study this week, I came home this weekend to see my family, and we went to the Christmas market in Bath this morning, but in general it hasn’t been very exciting.

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