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A Guide to Getting Fit in 2018 For People With No Time

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is over and everyone is starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions and getting fit again (or for the first time) after eating one too many mince pies. Getting fit isn’t an easy task, especially during the winter when we get home after it’s already dark, and when we might be feeling the pinch after spending far too much on gifts over the festive period. For those people with little time to spend hitting the gym or going to a regular scheduled fitness class or sports club, I have put together a short guide to getting fit.


The 7 Workout App is ideal for the super busy among us and even have convenient office workouts. Each workout takes approximately 7 minutes for one circuit and it is possible to select workouts suited to the areas you would like to target (or you can chose more general workouts if that’s what you want). The app allows you to choose your instructor voice and the streak monitoring + badges adds a challenge aspect to keep you motivated towards achieving your goals. I use this app myself and I can honestly say that it is great. You can use the free version, or sign up for a monthly subscription allowing you access to all the workouts.


Wlaking or running to work can be another really easy way to fit in exercise to a packed schedule, just make sure if you’re running you put a spare change of clothes and at least some deodorant in a bag at work so that you can get changed and freshen up when you get there. If you’re going to walk, or if you already walk, adding a weighted backpack to your daily commute is a great way of increasing the effort required, and therefore making it a more efficient method of getting the exercise in.


My final easy way to add in exercise to a super busy lifestyle is to get friends and family to jump on the fitness bandwagon as well. Invite them to go for a walk instead of lunch, or maybe go to a spin class instead of yoga? Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for getting fit on a tight schedule.


  1. Cool.. but I think for most people the problem it’s not the busy schedule but lazyness 😅😅😅 well I have to admit I am one of them 😆😆😆 hope to do more excersise next year despite of swimming twice a week.. thanks for the guide reminds me to do so.. 👍😉

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