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First Experience of Skiing – Finland

After a late night viewing the aurora last night (unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos), we were up and out early to get to the slopes for our first lesson! The views were stunning and completely unforgetable; as was the experience of skiing for the first time.


Our lesson started at 10am with Saara instructing us in the very basics including how to put on our skis and how to position ourselves. Once we had the skis on we learnt how to go forwards and how to brake (using the snowplough method). Then we traversed across  to the top of the easiest slope to practice our braking initially, progressing on to learning how to turn.


After a few runs down the slope our lesson was over and we headed back to the main building where we warmed up a little, bought our ski passes and drank hot chocolate! Then back to the slopes we went for an afternoon of practicing all the new skills from the morning. By about 2:30, it was so cold that we had to leave the slopes. We may have only been out for 3 1/2 hours today but that was enough for me!


After taking off all our kit, drinking another hot chocolate and waiting about an hour, we caught the bus back to our chalet. By the time we got off the bus, the temperature outside had dropped to about -30°C and walking the 20 minutes back to the chalet was no small task. By the time we got back, our eyelashes were frozen and my mum’s hair had gone white with icicles. We hastily removed our boots and kit in the front porch and made our way through to the main chalet to warm up. All in all, the day was brilliant! I cannot wait for our second lesson tomorrow followed by more practice in the afternoon. I will be wearing more layers this time!!

Comment down below to let me know about your skiing experiences – especially if you have any tips for staying warm!!


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