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Third Day Skiing + The Snow Village – Finland

After two days of ski lessons in the morning followed by further practice in the afternoons we hit the slopes on our own right from the start this morning. My mum came back today after being ill yesterday so I spent the first half hour with her going through braking and turning again. When she headed inside to warm up and get a hot chocolate I went off to explore some of the rest of the slopes available.


After one or two runs down the easiest slopes right next to the resort I met my brother and we went off to explore some of the slopes further afield. After a few easy runs down some fun blue runs we hopped on a T-bar lift together and headed up to another blue run further up the mountain. Little did we know how bad the visibility was going to be, or how steep and how much more technical this run would be!


We started off slowly, lots of controlled turns to maintain consistent speed, but being unable to see the edges meant that the slope felt far more narrow than it was and soon enough we were whizzing down what turned out to be one very long slope indeed!! Two falls and a lot of internal swearing later and we reached the bottom in one piece! Whilst we didn’t go back down today, I definitely want to try that run again before we leave.


After a quick shared hot chocolate and cinnamon bun, we made our way back to the resort to meet the rest of the family before we got a taxi to the snow village.


The snow village was amazing, the ice art was truly amazing, and the experience of eating in the ice restaurant was unbeatable, if not a little cold! The food was great (don’t miss out on the over cooked reindeer chunk or the chocolate fondant should you ever visit) and being filmed for a short documentary on European Ice Art by the German equivalent of the BBC was a one off experience.


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