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Final Day of Skiing – Finland

Sadly, today was our final day skiing in Finland. The slopes opened later (at midday) as it was New Year’s Day, so we left the chalet at 10:40 to catch the 11am bus to the ski resort. The 11 o’clock bus didn’t come, so at about five past, we started walking in the direction of the slopes. We walked about 3km before stopping for hot chocolate and catching the 12 o’clock bus the rest of the way. Turned out the walk to the ski resort from the chalet was actually 7km – a lot further than we thought!


After reaching the ski resort we kitted up and hit the slope. I spent the first half hour with my mum and then when she went inside to warm up I went off on my own and bumped into my dad at the bottom of the T-bar lift where I was deliberating whether or not I should do a very long blue run from the top of the mountain. I went through the lift gate before giving myself any more time to back out and then we were on the lift together and there was no way down but to ski. On reaching the first exit on the lift my dad mistakenly got off and flung me across the landing area! We had to go across a small section of a red run to reach a blue run so that we could descend.


At the bottom of the run we made a pit stop in a small cafe to allow my dad’s legs to recover before hopping back in the T-bar lift and going up again – this time, all the way to the top! On reaching the top of the lift and turning right to the start of the run I did a double take at the steep drop before me!! We started off slowly with my dad ahead, but before long I overtook and made my way down surprisingly fast and smoothly. I was so pleased that I decided to actually do that run as I had been thinking about it all day yesterday. I know I would have regretted it if I hadn’t…


When my dad finally reached the bottom we went along another much easier, shorter run back to the lift that would take us closer to the resort and I found my mum so that I could ski with her for a little while. When she decided she had had enough and was going to call it a day I went off on my own a little longer and filmed a few of my runs! I am so proud of my progress over the last few days and can’t believe how much I have achieved in such a short space of time!! This has been one of the most amazing experiences and has definitely been a great start to the New Year!


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