Kew Gardens and the Orchid Festival 2018

Kew Gardens is a world heritage site with the most diverse living plant selection in the world. In The Secret Garden, F.H.Burnett wrote “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden”, however there are some gardens that I find a little more desirable than others and Kew Gardens is definitely on that list! On Sunday, my family and I visited the stunning botanical array to celebrate my sister’s birthday and it did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend a visit; we managed to catch the final day of the 2018 Orchid Festival but they always have a variety of exhibitions and events going on, and there is so much to see (all the various greenhouses and sections of the garden as well as ‘The Hive’) and do (Treetop walk) that you will never find yourself with a lack of places to explore. Also, after much deliberation recently about what I shall do when I finish my current degree, I have found another possible option! After discovering that Kew Gardens offers a Diploma in Horticulture I did a fair amount of research into the field on the journey home. I have always loved being outside in the garden, and it is definitely something I will be doing a little more research into. Anyway, keep scrolling to see some photos of the stunning landscapes around the gardens (the last one is the view up from inside the hive).