Leaving Bristol, Labs, and A Weekend Of Work and Running

The week started out with an early(ish) Monday morning after staying at my boyfriend’s parent’s house that night. We woke up at 6:20am and I had the most refreshing shower followed by a yummy bowl of porridge (courtesy of Ruth (my boyfriend’s mum)) eaten back in bed post-shower. Promptly after breakfast was finished Finlay (my boyfriend), Hebe (his sister), and I, were dropped off to catch the train back to Bristol where they are both at uni. Whilst on the train I realised I had made a mistake with the trains and the train I had originally been planning to take actually had THREE changes (not interested in that!) so I changed my plans and decided on taking a train that was leaving about two hours later. Once in Bristol, we dropped off Hebe back at her flat, and then walked to Fin’s flat to pack up my stuff. After I was packed we headed to Society Café where we got cake and coffee and played scrabble until I had to leave (I won).

The train journey back up to Stoke was much more relaxing than on the way down, there were far less people and I was able to get a table seat on both trains so that I could work. Due to the change of plans I didn’t get back to Newcastle until almost four o’clock and so unfortunately missed my Human Parasitology lecture. Monday evenings in my house are “Family Meal Nights” and this week was my turn so after a quick trip to Sainsbury’s I made a simple a supper of sausages in soft white finger rolls with caramelised onions. I even managed to get really fancy caramelised onion sausages reduced to £1.99!

The rest of the week was fairly mundane spending a lot of my time in the labs working on the experimental data collection aspect of my final year project. Any time I wasn’t in the labs, I was either in my room, or at the library studying. On Thursday I had a super productive day and wrote about 750 words for my dissertation introduction before 8:00am, spent the entire day from eight-thirty am until four-thirty pm on campus (in labs, in the library, or in lectures), and then came back to the house and worked until eleven pm (as in, eleven at night!). Given that I am usually in bed asleep by that time, this was a super long (but very productive) day for me.

Friday evening, Grace’s (my housemate) mum made the most amazing roast dinner for us, and then I made chocolate fondants to go with the vanilla ice cream she bought. Saturday morning I went to Parkrun – I’ve only missed one since being back at uni – and then spent the rest of the morning working on a piece of coursework. By the afternoon I was really tired and needed a break from my laptop, and the work, so I started ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat’ by Oliver Sacks. I read for most of the rest of the day and then made a plan for Sunday before climbing into bed. Sunday morning I didn’t set an alarm, so I woke up at just before 7:30am. I got up, did a lower ab workout, and went for a run. When I got back I had a shower and made myself breakfast, then I got back to work on my assignment and finished the first question. I did lots of little “life” tasks like washing my bedding and pre-making a green lentil curry for supper during the week, and I finished the book I started yesterday.

My tummy is currently grumbling very loudly at me so this evening, when I finish writing this, I am going to get food, do a little more work and then off to bed to watch some youtube.